22 Facts About the 22-Year-Old Me

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22″


In celebration of surviving 22 years on Earth, here are 22 facts about me that you may or may not already know. I hope this gives you a little insight into who I am 22 years on.

Let’s start off simple;

  1. I can roll my tongue; okay so not the most amazing talent in the world, but I am genetically blessed to be able to do this. Can you roll your tongue?
  2. My favourite colour is pink. A little cliché I know, and while I don’t often admit to it, it is very evident throughout my house…
  3. I have 1 sibling. Ashleigh, my younger sister, by 3 years. While photo evidence shows that I did not appreciate her presence initially, she has become my closest friendACS_0391.
  4. My favourite holiday is Christmas. Lights. Gingerbread. Carols. Movies. Pyjamas Family. I even made my own Christmas PJ’s this year with my Mum ~ thanks, Mum!
  5. I have my very own flower. Thanks to my Grandad being a world-renowned chrysanthemum breeder, I have my own flower ~ Seaton’s Brittany!
  6. I have been to 12 Countries! (Australia, Austria, France, England, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.) Although this will soon change, I’m sure of it!
  7. I was the first person in my family to officially attend university! I graduated with a BSc Nursing and on the Vice Chancellors List ~ Top 1% of undergraduates in my final semester!
  8. I am currently studying again: Graduate Certificate in Paediatrics.
  9. I have fractured approximately 8 bones ~ Although I have lost count now.
  10. I moved out of home at age 17 for university ~ and officially moved out at age 20 for my first job!
  11. There are 15 seasons equivalent to 317 episodes to Grey’s Anatomy, and I have seen every single one… multiple times over. *superhero pose, “It’s a beautiful day to save lives”
  12. I hate horror films ~ do not even try to get me to watch one, never going to happen! Although recently I did tough it out and binge “Stranger Things”, does that count as horror?
  13. I am almost always early for everything ~ the thought of being late gives me anxiety.
  14. Mum taught me to be colour coordinated from a young age ~ now I won’t be caught dead without being colour coordinated even I am not leaving the house, right down to underwear and socks ~ TMI?
  15. My middle name is May. No, not after the month, but after one of my grandmothers.ACS_0387
  16. My least favourite season is Winter – the cold and I do not work well together (although I would really love to witness a white Christmas at least once before I die).
  17. On my mother’s side I have both a German and Irish ancestry.
  18. I have a deep desire to be an author of a book, I have even attempted to on many occasions. I love writing and expression within writing. Maybe one day?
  19. I have a fear of thunderstorms ~ sounds silly I know, but it’s no lie. I can explain!
  20. I get the hiccups at least once per day if not more frequently. My Mum says that I ‘stole’ them from her because ever since I was born she’s never had them.
  21. I have never been drunk or hungover in my life, and I really don’t plan on doing so.
    And, last but not least;
  22. I was born a month early; I was supposed to be a December baby.ACS_0386

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