My name is Brie and I am the author and creator of “The Brie Effect”


Where did the title “The Brie Effect” come from?

“The Brie Effect” stems from “The Butterfly Effect;” the concept that small causes result is a large effect.

Small changes that occurred in my life, such as breaking my ankle, resulted in larger effect, such as the diagnosis of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and so forth, ultimately resulting in a change in my entire world and everything I knew. From the dreams I had, to the career I chose, to the way I live every single day.

Why did I start “The Brie Effect”?

I have always loved writing and the power of words and the impact that writing can have on someone. “The Brie Effect” began after sharing my chronic illness journey with other people, starting with an appearance on “Tune In Not Out” and later sharing my journey with radio stations and newspapers after winning a scholarship from The Ronald McDonald House to aid with tertiary education, I knew I wanted to keep sharing my story, as a spark of hope for others out there that feel as isolated as I once did.

What can you expect on “The Brie Effect”

Life. From daily life with chronic illnesses, to travelling, and being a twenty-something still learning, I keep it real with my readers highlighting the triumphs and the struggles.

Please keep in mind that pain and fatigue are a very real thing I deal with everyday, so regular posting is difficult for me to manage – as much as I am always trying to plan and post new content for you.