A Letter to a Stranger

The world can be harsh, unfair, and unkind. However, on a random day, in a random place, a stranger touched my heart. It was her random act of kindness that was just what I needed in my life, and I never got to thank her for it. So here is a letter for her, and while it may never reach her, I thought I would share it into the world, showing just how much a small act of kindness can really impact and brighten someone’s day.

Dear Stranger,

I didn’t catch your name, but I feel I should call you Sister. You were a nurse back in the day, the good days, the ‘fun’ days as you would say.

You spotted me in my uniform, the children’s hospital name embroidered clear for anybody to see. You stopped me briefly to thank me for the work I do, pausing, and questioning if you could have a minute more of my time; knowing that I was likely tired from the recent shift I had just finished. I stopped.

You smiled, looking down to bring my attention to a pin you wore so very proudly on your vest. It was branded with the children’s hospital logo. I couldn’t quite read the font, but I knew that they were given out to nurses after so many years of service as a display of gratitude. Your next words were kind and soft-spoken,

‘You and me. We are the same.’

I continued walking in the direction I was headed, before boarding the train to head home. We coincidently sat down beside each other, you laughed and said,

‘Hello, again nurse.’

You proceeded to tell me how when you nursed it was far more fun, telling me stories of the nursing life, shifts, and even some of the patients that you remember. You smiled and laughed as you reminisced on some of these stories, and you listened carefully as I explained my own experiences. One story that brings a smile to my own face was when you were still learning, only a couple of years in, a little boy after hearing you ask everyone want they wanted to be when they grew up, asked you what you wanted to be. Your reply being, you were thinking of sticking around the hospital for a while. I’m glad you chose to stick around.

I want to thank you for being so kind and sharing a few of your stories. I hope that when I retire, old and grey, I can think so highly and with such pride in my job like you evidently do. You provided me with the reminder of why I love my job considerably, and I sincerely want to thank you for being the one thing I needed on that very day. Thank you, Sister, may your smile continue to shine bright and spread joy.

I want to hear about a time when a stranger reached out to you in a time where you feel you needed it most. Or maybe a time when you acted with kindness towards a stranger…

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