Mini Desk Tour


Welcome Little Butterflies to my little happy place; my desk, my workspace, my vanity. My desk exists in a corner by the window of my bedroom, and it is seriously one of my favourite spots in my house ~ that is of course when it stays clean ~ You will often find me here in comfy clothes, with messy hair and no make-up ~ well, until it is done ~ I simply love having a space that only I ever use, one that motivates me to be the best version of me possible, and who isn’t motivated by beautiful stationary?

*Each item I talk about is linked for your ease if you are interested in creating a space similar this. I would love to see what you create. 


T H E   D E S K

Like many who are serious about creating the perfect work space, I spent a lot of time contemplating over the desk that I would buy – inevitably that meant spending countless hours on Pinterest exploring the many styles of desks. In the process of creating my mood board, I noticed that many people who had created the same style as I envisioned were using white desks from Ikea. Inspired, I went on a trip to Ikea to get more inspiration, finally deciding on the MICKE desk ~ oh, MICKE your so fine ~ Before you ask, yes, I did build it myself, which by the way was seriously satisfying and only makes me love this desk a whole lot more.


W O R K   S P A C E

I have split my desk into two sections divided by my laptop. On my right, my work orientated side, I have this cute little plant ~ fake ~ from Ikea that sits to hide the base of my lamp in a gorgeous tin that was gifted to me from my sister. I love the patterns on this tin and I am so pleased with how it looks with the plant inside. Speaking of lamp, I got this one from Ikea also, and while it is super simplistic, I really like that I can swivel it to direct light where I need it most; and it is a touch lamp, no cords getting in the way! In this corner, I additionally have this bunny storage unit from Typo. I got it a few years ago when commencing university but you can find something similar here. I currently use the bunny to store all my USB/SD cards and other back-up drives; it is super handy for them to be within reach and not at the base of a random drawer ~ which has been the case in the past ~ To hold all my paper clips and bull clips (randomly my favourite stationary items) I use this gorgeous ceramic elephant from Target which was again gifted to me by my sister (find something similar here). I clearly have a thing for nature! The tray organiser is from Ikea and works to keep all those bills safe and my life organised~ eye rolls ~ Moreover, hidden away from prying eyes this section of my desk holds my journals and planners for all that organising I love, all of which have been bought from Typo.

B E A U T Y   S P A C E

To my left I keep all things beauty. To display my make-up brushes I have used these glass jars which I think looks super cute considering the jars are upcycled and were once filled with pasta sauce. I decided to clean them up, peel off the stickers, and add some white quartz stones which I got from Kmart, and I am really pleased with the results. I have two sets of brushes on display, for no reason in particular, however, the rose gold set of brushes I got from Sportsgirl, while the silver set I got from BH Cosmetics. Both sets of brushes are affordable yet still soft and gentle on the face which I love. I am obsessed with the sportsgirl ones so much that I have gifted them to family and friends also, and heard not one complaint. The glass vase on my desk is from Kmart and again I added more stones, and used this to store some of my go-to highlighters, bronzers and blushes (I’ll link them down below). Having them in the vase adds a gorgeous touch to my desk while being conviently accessable. As I do not have a mirror in my room ~ sad face ~ I got this vanity mirror from Ikea to do my make-up, which I absolutely love as I can move it closer and see what I am doing without having to leave my room and make a mess in the bathroom.


F I N I S H I N G   T O U C H E S

Additionally, on my desk I have this white marble coaster from Kmart to keep my drinks on ~ but first, coffee ~ which I have placed strategically around my entire house for candles and drinks. I also recently found these photo booth strips that I took with my nursing gal pals at our university ball and I just love how they look on my desk. They are such a beautiful touch to remind me of the happy times and why life is just so damn good.

M O R E   T O   C O M E

This is titled “mini tour” for a reason: my space is not yet complete. It is a work in progress, but that is okay ~ it is a work space after all ~ I love the idea of having a mood board above my desk, however I am not entirely sure how to go about this yet, whether I use a pin board, or a wire rack, or simply some shelving? I am forever on Pinterest planning out what to do, and working on the idea. My little space is also currently lacking a chair as I am still deciding on what type I am after. I have gone back and forth with ideas, do I want a chair with wheels? Do I want a white chair, or a coloured chair? ~ oh the descisions ~ I have been toying with the idea of getting this blush occasional chair from Kmart, but I remain undecided. Maybe you can help me? Comment on a chair or an idea of a chair that you will think will go nicely with this space.


I N   T H E   V A S E

Like promised here are the face products I use on the reg.
1. Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol – shimmering, blushing, bronzing, goodness
2. M.A.C Bronzing Powder – in the shade Golden
3. Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Illuminating Shimmer in the shade Shimmering Sands
Other products seen in the vase are more from the Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale collection. *Side note, her liquid lipstick range is ah-mazing, seriously my favourite lipsticks right now!


I hope you enjoyed my mini tour. I just had to share this little happy spot. Don’t forget if you have any advice or thoughts about a chair that would suit this space please let me know!


Shop My Look:
Top: Astrid Cami from Cotton On
Bottoms: Emily Denim Shorts from Showpo
Outerwear: Cardigan from Boohoo

Now Fly Free Little Butterfly.

3 thoughts on “Mini Desk Tour

    1. A fluffy chair 🤔 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fluffy chair, but I’ll definitely look into it.
      Thank you, I spend a lot of time planning things to get the best results, and I really do love everything 🙌🏼 I mean what isn’t to love 🤷🏻‍♀️

      Thanks for reading 💕


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