Be Unique, Be Glossed

Welcome Little Butterfly.

Being comfortable in your own skin is a hot topic currently, but why? Maybe because we are all constantly judging ourselves harder than we would anyone else. We are forever comparing ourselves against “better” or “prettier” human beings but never accepting ourselves for who we are. The thing is, we are all human beings, and as far as I have been taught, humans are unique individuals, we are not meant to be the same. So maybe it is time we all start seeing ourselves as unique beings, and know that it is perfectly okay to be different; easier said than done, right? Well that my little butterflies, is why I have teamed up with fellow Sydney based Australian company, Be Glossed.

Be Glossed is a relatively new company run by the beautifuly unique human being Krishaa, and is designed for unique individuals with unique skin. It is okay to admit that your skin is not flawless. Heck, my skin is far from flawless. By recognising that your skin is different from other people, Be Glossed can step in and provide you with an individualised box with the very best make-up for your skin. Wait? I just said individualised make-up? Yes, and although it may be brands you already know quite well Be Glossed takes the hard work out of searching for the perfect make-up, that means no more endless browsing through Priceline or Myer and hearing so many varying opinions.

Be Unique

How It Is Done:

First you will need to select a box from three options currently provided by Be Glossed;

  1. The Beginner Box
  2. The Basic Box
  3. The Big Box

If you don’t really like to wear much make-up on a day to day basis the beginner and basic box are for you. If you like a little more, and you love the higher end brands the big box is the one for you. If you are in between the two and still like to play around and learn new techniques, I would highly recommend the basic box, which is the one I decided on ordering.

Once selecting the boxes, a pop up skin survey will appear to assess your skin needs. By putting in your preferred look (natural/bold/combination), skin type (oily/dry/combination), skin colour (fair/light/medium/dark), and your problem areas (redness/dullness/dark under eyes/uneven skin tone/acne) Be Glossed can tailor the box of products to you and your skin.

Pop Up Skin Survey
My answers to the survey were as follows; Natural Look, Oily Skin, Light Colour and Redness, Dark Under Eyes, and Acne.

Hands up if you like free shipping! You? Well me too, and luckily for us Be Glossed provides free shipping Australia wide with a tracking number, so you can follow your order along the way. My little box of goodies arrived a week after placing my order, and included;

  1. A Guide
  2. Primer
  3. Loose Setting Powder
  4. Eyeliner Pencil
  5. Mascara
  6. 10 Shade Eyeshadow Palette
  7. Lip Product
  8. Blush
  9. 7pc Brush Set

Firstly, the little guide provided me with a summary about each product, how to use them, and why it had been chosen for my box, a perfect addition for those who don’t understand much about make-up, or are open to learning more about make-up.

A Basic Guide

The primer provided to me was the NYX Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer specific to anti-redness, as that was one of my skin issues identified. This went on silky smooth providing me with a much more even complexion.

The loose setting powder found in my box was the bareMinerals Original Mineral Veil. This is my favourite product, and when applied provided me with the perfect base. The wear throughout the day was excellent, and I had no issues with oily skin throughout the afternoon.

I was given an Arbonne eyeliner pencil in Carbon which is a creamy long wearing pencil that won’t bleed throughout the day. It glided on smoothly upon application, and like advertised didn’t bleed during the day.

Be Glossed provided me with the Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara in Black Drama. This mascara gave me long sensational lashes, and what I love the most is that is can be layered for a more dramatic effect if you wanted to transition a look from day to night.

L’Oreal Paris LA Palette Nude

 As the eyeshadow palette, I was supplied with the L’Oréal Paris LA Palette Nude in Rose. I absolutely love these colours, both the matte and glitter shades. I generally stick to pink and brown tones with my eyeshadows as I love how the can seem natural, but also be built up to make a more dramatic look.

 The lip product that was included in my box The Balm Cosmetics Read My Lips Lip Gloss in the colour BAM! Firstly let me just say that this smells Ah-Mazing, and the packaging is just plain adorable. Secondly this lip gloss is a lovely subtle pink, which goes on really well without feeling too sticky. The only downside with lip gloss is that it doesn’t last long, so if you want to maintain the look, you may need to continue to reapply throughout the day.

The Balm Cosmetics Read My Lips

 I was also given the Sleek MakeUP blush in the colour Life’s a Peach. This blush looks like an intense peach colour, however when applied provides a perfect and subtle glow to your cheeks. I absolutely love it, one of my new favourites.

Lastly, I was provided with The Essential Collection 7-piece brush kit by Nude by Nature. This is a perfect addition to the Be Glossed boxes for those who don’t know too much about make-up, or don’t have their own sets yet. These brushes I have used before and love, they are incredibly soft and apply make-up evenly. This set also comes with its own case, a bonus for anyone who travels a lot.

All in all, I love Be Glossed and thoroughly enjoyed the process of ordering from them. Krishaa is a friendly and very lovely woman who will support you through the whole process and answer any questions you may have about make-up and the processes of using make-up and the products she supplies you with.


I am in no way sponsored for this post, I just absolutely love Krishaa, Be Glossed and everything that it stands for. Being comfortable in your own skin is incredibly important, and I agree with her that we are all unique. Although we don’t need make-up to make us look pretty, or be a better person, there will always be a part of us that feels slightly more confident wearing make-up. I have come to accept my skin, flaws and all, however, I will always enjoy the process of putting on and wearing make-up for the day. However, I won’t talk about something if I can’t give you a little treat. Therefore, for all my little butterflies, if you purchase a box from Be Glossed, and put in the code “brittany10” you can receive 10% off your order.

Now Fly Little Butterfly and Be Glossy.

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  1. Absolutely worked hard on information about the product love and appreciate that about be glossed💝


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